The selectors were tasked with implementing a new scoring system this season.

After much discussion a new simplified system will commence in the first week of pennants (Wed, Thurs and Sat), and is based on a score of 1-8.  Score range was selected as 1-5 is too narrow and 1-10 too wide. The scores are:

8 – exceptional performance

7 – excellent performance

6 – good performance

5 – met expectations (this means that whatever position {lead, skip etc} and team you played in you performed as selectors would expect in that position and team)

4 – average performance

3 – below average performance

2 – poor performance

1 – very poor performance.

So as you can see 5 is what is expected and scores above or below reflect variation from expectation.

Score sheets will be given to players by 2nd immediately after last bowl played and collected before you leave the green. To ensure confidentiality and allow you to score honestly all scores will then be put into a sealed envelope by Team Managers and returned to the selectors sealed.

The score sheets will take about 1 minute to complete.

Barry Coad