Use of Greens

Club Coach

Owing to the current uncertain environment regarding what Pennants will look like this year, the Board has decided not to appoint a Club Coach at this stage.


Social Bowling

Due to an easing of bowling restrictions by Bowls SA, we are now able to have 3 greens open, still with a restriction of 10 players only on each green with only 4 players maximum on a rink.

As of Tuesday, 26th May (weather permitting), we will be opening three greens.  We have arranged for someone to manage the greens each day between Tuesday to Friday.  Use of the greens will be via a booking only, no booking no play.

To book a rink, please contact Peter Rankin on 0428 930 000 for all days.  Once Peter has 3 greens booked, they will be the only people allowed onto the club greens for that session.

Each day will still have 3 sessions:

  • 10am to 11.45am
  • 12pm to 1.45pm
  •   2pm to 3.45pm

There will be a maximum of (currently) 10 people allowed on each of the greens at any one time based on Government rules, there will be no spectators allowed.  We are hoping that this will increase further after June 8.

After each session, mats and jacks must be cleaned, we will provide the cleaning materials.

Once the items have been cleaned you MUST leave the premises immediately.

Social distancing must be adhered to at all times, with a maximum number of 4 people on any rink.

At this stage Bowls SA state that only our Club members will be allowed to play.

No alcohol to be brought onto the premises.

No food or drink to be consumed inside the building

These restrictions will be reviewed in line with Government instructions.

The Board may review these conditions when the situation changes

If the rules are not obeyed the Club could be fined $5000 and individuals $1000 each.

Please enjoy your chance to get back onto the green.