Discount with ALH Hotels

We are able to use the Espi Hotel card (Monty’s Rewards) at any of the ALH (Woolworths) hotels.

So if any Members are going to any other ALH hotel they need to know that they can use their card there.

The ALH website shows the following are a list of some of the nearby and popular hotels where your card can be used:

Esplanade Hotel, Brighton.

Seacliff Hotel, Seacliff.

New York Bar & Grill, Marion Shopping Centre.

Victoria Hotel, O’Halloran Hill.

Aberfoyle Park Tavern, Aberfoyle Park.

Rex Hotel Hotel, Marleston.

Royal Hotel, North Adelaide.

Norwood Hotel, Norwood.

Henley Beach Hotel, Henley Beach.

Ramsgate Hotel, Henley Beach.

Please see Richard Hyde for any assistance with obtaining a new card.