Hi everyone

the season concluded very quickly as you are no doubt aware, with everything cancelled.

We are all effected and I’ve gone from 5 days at the club to zero, so I have written some information to fill the vacuum left by the sudden season close.

The first is a snapshot of the pennant results which were the best in many many years. See link below-

Pennant results summary Mar20

The second attachment is a general round up of the season from the perspective of the Chair of Selectors and is predominantly general comment, however I have added my personal opinion on a couple of issues that I perceive within the club, and I have identified where comments are personal opinion.

It should be noted that one of the reasons I was asked to Chair the Sat selection panel three years ago was that I had the ability to convey both good news and tackle issues where necessary, and I have done that.

See attached link-

End of year message 1 Selection

I trust we will all be safe and healthy as we progress through this virus imposed exile and that we will meet again soon on the green.


Barry Coad

ex Chair of Selectors.