Hi all
Your Club is working on several projects at the moment to improve our club facilties/appearance and intrastructure.
These projects include:
  • replacement of carpet edging to all greens
  • new metal edging on A green between playing surface and ditches
  • replacement of scoreboards
  • upgrade/modernisation of audio equipment both inside and outside
  • repair concrete path between A & B greens
  • remove asbestos sheeting & repairs to old greenkeepers shed
  • purchase new and more effcient lawnmower
  • replaced rusted & damaged metal shelter sheds to B & C greens
Some of these projects will be funded by the council and we are constantly applying for grants to cover the cost of others.
It may not be possible to complete all these projects in the short term but they are all under consideration.
We may have to dip into our bank balance if it is decided to complete all these projects in the short term.
These projects will benefit all of our members and will enhance the appearance of our club to visitors.
Dave Harvey