Social Bowls

At Brighton we offer many opportunities for social bowlers.  These games are all played in mufti with a green fee of $10

Information about all of our upcoming games is on

We are running a jackpot every social day as an added bonus.  The prize can be won from a random draw for the total score of both games.  No more than 2 teams can win the jackpot if they have the required points score, but if 2 teams win, then the jackpot is shared between the 2 teams.   If the jackpot is not won, then the jackpot increases $30 each day upto a maximum of $510.


Jackpot Tuesday Triples

From September to April we play three bowl triples starting at 12.30.

Entries in by 6pm Monday, late entries or changes contact Peter Rankin on 0428930000 by 10am Tuesday.


Jackpot Friday Pairs

We aim to offer three bowl pairs throughout the year on Fridays starting at 1.00.  During winter shortage of greens may cause us to play three bowl triples instead. Entries in by 6pm Thursday, late entries or changes contact Lew Masters on 0411569521 by 10am Friday.